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About NOOX

Mental health and well-being are hot topics, especially post Covid, with a growing workforce choosing to live, work and play from home. Times are changing and the symptoms of busy lives are far more evident. NOOX products are a level up from other extreme energy-type drinks as they are healthy, packed with vitamins and minerals and designed to help people cope with the toll these times are taking on us.


NOOX drinks are not age-restricted, they are for all adults, especially those who are trying to attain more balanced, healthy and sustainable lifestyles. 


NOOX drinks are a positive lifestyle choice for health-conscious customers seeking great-tasting, everyday drinks that positively address key health and well-being factors.


Our Story

Karen and Rachel, the brains behind NOOX, met through mutual friends during the Covid pandemic. Lockdown had a magnified impact on how we live and work. Many used the time in isolation to reassess their lives, with some opting to change direction to achieve a better work/life balance. Karen and Rachel were no exception. As both shared the same drive, work ethic and determination, they decided to join forces and go into business together. Given their own previous work personas and busy family lives, they realised that the demands of modern living were making it difficult for many to fit in regular exercise, eat well, meet deadline pressures and balance family demands. Such intensity can take a toll on mental health, clouding clarity of thought and dulling motivation and focus when it is needed most. They weren’t fans of energy drinks currently on the market, finding they seemed to deliver a short sharp boost of energy with an indifferent taste and weren’t providing the desired benefits. They agreed there was a gap in the market - an opportunity to create a healthy drink designed to help deliver a better balance of mind and body and tasted good. With mental health being a subject close to both their hearts, they had their eureka moment. The dynamic duo put their heads together and NOOX was born. Working with specialist drink formulation experts, Karen and Rachel have created a great tasting ‘grab and go’ drink targeted to help cope with the demands that come with a busy and hectic life. Sugar free, zero calories, vegan-friendly and very healthy, with an appealing look, Revive is the first to launch in a range of NOOX natural health drinks. It is a delicious sparkling (raspberry and lemonade) drink made using a powerful blend of natural nootropics, vitamins and minerals, all specially selected for their reviving qualities. Revive is designed to deliver a gentle and lasting lift that addresses the cognitive functions of concentration, focus, motivation and energy. When life is being lived full throttle, it works to help attain a better balance. Exciting times ahead as NOOX brings Revive to market. Karen and Rachel are living proof that Revive is a functional drink that does what it says on the can. Watch out for Reload and Relax, coming soon!

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